HRC Letter Published In The Edmonton And Calgary Sun: Hamas To Blame

On March 24, HRC’s Assistant Director, Robert Walker, was published in The Edmonton Sun and Calgary Sun in response to Shirley Olson’s recent letter which falsely claimed that Israel fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza somehow constitutes “constant dehumanization of the Palestinian people.”  HRC pointed out that Israel’s civilian-to-combatant ratio is unmatched historically in armed conflict, […]

Tarek Fatah Ignores Jewish Indigeneity in Judea and Samaria

It’s praiseworthy that in his syndicated Sun column today, that Tarek Fatah acknowledges Jewish indigeneity in Israel proper, but it’s regrettable that he failed to recognize the indisputable fact that Jews are indigenous to Judea and Samaria (“West Bank”), and have lived there, uninterrupted for over 3,000 years. Jews have legitimate claims to Judea and […]