McGill University Must Cancel Its MOA With McGill Daily Due To Continued Anti-Israel & Antisemitic Content

Less than two weeks ago, an anti-Israel resolution put forward by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) was passed, which called for the boycott of organizations “complicit in settler-colonial apartheid against Palestinians” and a semi-regular commemoration of Nakba Day, mourning (not celebrating) Israel’s independence in 1948. Shortly thereafter, McGill University’s threatened to suspend its […]

Worth Reading National Post Editorial: Mideast Peace Impossible with Hamas”

Read the following excellent National Post staff editorial which was published on November 17 entitled: “Permanent Mideast peace isn’t possible with Hamas”. According to the Post: “The ceasefire is good news, if it holds. But there can be no lasting peace until Israel has a serious partner with which to negotiate.” Read it in full […]

National Post Editorial: Hamas Wants Palestinians killed, not Israel

In the National Post on April 7, a staff editorial argues that it’s Hamas that wants to see Palestinians killed, not Israel. Hamas that seeks to inflame tensions, encouraging protesters to test the border, despite Israel’s warnings that it will defend its territory. Read the editorial in full by clicking here or see it as it […]

HRC Prompts 2 Globe & Mail Corrections on Settlements and U.S. Aid to Israel

Today, the Globe and Mail published two corrections in print and online following complaints filed by HonestReporting Canada. A December 30 editorial falsely asserted that Israel was building “new settlements” and a January 2 letter to the editor erroneously claimed that the new U.S. aid to package to Israel was $10-billion over the next 10 years. […]