Globe Columnist Picard Repeats Canard that Israel Hasn’t Vaccinated Palestinians

On January 4, respected Globe and Mail columnist André Picard‘s positive and informative commentary about Israel leading the world in COVID-19 vaccinations, was marred by his repeating the canard that Israel hasn’t vaccinated Palestinians, which he refers to as a “human rights issue”. Picard writes that: In truth, the Palestinians never asked for Israel’s help […]

Temple Mount Tensions and Terror: A Critical Analysis of Canadian Media Coverage

Last week, three Israeli-Arabs carried out a brutal terrorist attack that killed two Israeli-Druze policemen on the Temple Mount. The terrorists and their accomplice smuggled and hid weapons near Islam’s third holiest site, the Al Aqsa Mosque, and in an effort to prevent such an attack from happening again, Israel installed metal detectors to safeguard everyone (Jews […]