Health Workers Alliance For Palestine Petition Accuses Israel Of Genocide & Demands Ceasefire – Yet Makes No Mention Of Hamas Or Israeli Hostages Held In Gaza

It was less than six weeks ago that Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamic terrorist organization, carried out an unprovoked massacre in southern Israel, murdering roughly 1,200 innocent people and taking hundreds more hostage, in the largest mass murder of Jews since the end of the Holocaust. But thanks to Hamas’ sophisticated dissemination of propaganda aimed at […]

Upcoming DARA Webinar: Medicine & The Holocaust, It’s Time to Teach

On November 10, Doctors Against Racism and Antisemitism (DARA) is organizing a powerful webinar featuring a very powerful figure in the medical world, Dr. Richard Horton, who is the editor of The Lancet, the largest and most influential medical journal in the world. Dr. Horton was for many years outspoken in his criticism and condemnation […]