Radio-Canada Turns BDS Propaganda into Anti-Israel Article

On February 16, Radio-Canada published an article to its website about how the anti-Israel organization CJPME, has called on Canada “to cancel its $36-million purchase of an Israeli-made civilian maritime surveillance drone over concerns about the manufacturer’s human rights record.” The report by Radio-Canada’s Levon Sevunts (pictured right) masquerades propaganda as legitimate reporting and was […]

Defence of West Bank Wine Decision Not Black & White, Says HRC in Hill Times

In the Hill Times today, HRC research analyst Noah Lewis points out that the Federal Court’s decision on the labeling of “West Bank” wines was discriminatory, and it was marred by lending support to the anti-Semitic BDS movement, as well as being inaccurate and misleading since all parties agree that Israeli settlements are not part […]

Star Columnist Linda McQuaig Claims Pro-Israel Lobby Tail Wags Canadian Political Dog

What exactly is Linda McQuaig saying when she tacitly claims the “pro-Israel lobby” tail wags the Canadian political dog? This claim was made in the following September 27 Toronto Star column that she authored entitled: “Reactions to anti-Muslim video highlight political double standard”. Substitute the word “Israel” with “Jewish” and you have a classic antisemitic […]