Tel Aviv’s Hosting Eurovision Proves CBC’s “Dilemma” Claims Are Unfounded

It was only a couple weeks ago that CBC News made the unfounded claim that it’s a “dilemma” whether musicians choose to perform In Israel. Meanwhile, just yesterday, it was announced that Tel Aviv will host Eurovision 2019 and CBC even reported this fact, proving once and again that the biased pronouncements of our public […]

CBC Offsides Claiming It’s A “Dilemma” Whether Musicians Choose to Perform In Israel

HonestReporting Canada takes strong issue with the highly editorialized word choice used by CBC editors in claiming that a “dilemma” exists for Lana Del Rey and other musicians who chose to perform in Israel. The headline above was featured in a September 2 article by CBC entertainment reporter Zulekha Nathoo. The word “dilemma” is defined as […]