In Globe Op-Ed, Diana Buttu Makes Unsubstantiated Claim That Israeli Police Fired Live Ammo On Muslim Worshipers At Al Aqsa Mosque

Today, in an op-ed prominently published in the Globe and Mail, Dianu Buttu (pictured right), a Palestinian-Canadian lawyer based in Haifa who previously worked as a legal adviser to the Palestinian Authority, made the following inflammatory and unsubstantiated allegation (emphasis added): As protests against this policy intensified, Mr. Netanyahu further inflamed the situation, allowing Israeli […]

CBC Lobs Softball Questions to Fmr. PLO Representative on Israel & UAE Peace Deal

On August 14, CBC’s flagship radio program As It Happens featured a segment on the UAE and Israel peace deal to gauge the Palestinian reaction to the deal. The program interviewed Diana Buttu (pictured right), a Palestinian-Canadian lawyer and a former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) who said that the deal represented a […]

Globe and Mail Reporter Patrick Martin Full of BDS

In the wake of the Canadian Parliament’s overwhelming vote to condemn BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), a movement which is waged solely against Israel and that’s committed to the Jewish state’s destruction, Globe and Mail reporter Patrick’s Martin’s coverage bore all the hallmarks of anti-Israel media bias and is deserving of your swift condemnation. Instead […]