HRC and NGO Monitor Condemn HRW’s ‘Apartheid’ Libel In The Post Millennial

For the past 20+ years, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has obsessively demonized Israel. Recently, HRW’s Farida Deif and Omar Shakir employed the “apartheid” libel against Israel in the Hill Times, a slur which leads to intimidation of Jews, attacks on synagogues, Jewish institutions and people, including in Canada. Read HonestReporting Canada’s latest with NGO Monitor’s […]

HRC in Chronicle Herald: Anti-Israel Detractor Stigmatizes Israel

In The Chronicle Herald today, Honest Reporting Canada confronted an anti-Israel detractor who attempted to stigmatize Israel. Our full commentary is below. Re: Larry Haiven’s April 26 letter, “Rather rosy picture of Israel” and smearing of Israel is wholly disingenuous and is a perfect example of how, when baseless accusations are left unanswered, they risk becoming […]

Ombudsman Upholds HRC Concerns About CBC The Current’s Demonizing Israel

On April 18, CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin released a review at the behest of HonestReporting Canada subscriber David Levy which found that The Current’s February 7 broadcast (which HRC critiqued as having demonized Israel) fundamentally “lacked balance” and “fell short” of the CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices. As we noted in our original alert: Entitled, “A generation […]

UPDATED: After Demonizing Israel, CBC The Current Airs Pro-Israel Interview

UPDATE: February 12 and 22, 2018: Subsequent to HRC’s issuing a complaint and action alert condemning CBC The Current for demonizing Israel, this CBC Radio program broadcast an interview on February 12 with Asaf Romirowsky, the executive director of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) who commented on how Iran poses an existential threat to Israel […]

HRC in the Guardian: “Palestinians Must Teach Kids Peace”

In a commentary published today in the Guardian, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman points out that “Once the culture of incitement ends in Palestinian society, logic dictates that violence should subside. Palestinians must teach kids peace, not hatred, to procure the long-lasting peace we all seek.” Read our full commentary appended below or online by […]

Toronto Palestine Film Festival "Uses Arts to Demonize Israel"

The arts have historically served as a powerful tool in shaping a culture, but the Toronto Palestine Film Festival appears to have a specific goal in mind: “using the arts to demonize the State of Israel”. According to Christine Williams of the Gatestone Institute, “the Sixth Annual Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF) opened on Saturday […]