Israel’s Diverse Coalition – And Why It Matters – Podcast Episode 13

The defamatory lie that Israel is an apartheid state is hardly new, but with each passing day, it becomes more ludicrous. With Israel’s new government, this claim becomes outright comical. Israel’s new governing coalition, slated to be sworn in on June 13, will include, for the first time ever, an Arab Islamist party, Ra’am, as […]

PostMedia Columnist Drafts a Fiction Claiming Israel in a State of “Chaos”

In an effort to paint Israel as a country undergoing an historic self-implosion and turmoil, Louis Delvoie engaged in mental acrobatics and drafted a fiction in his August 15 Kingston Whig-Standard commentary entitled: “Chaos in Israel”. While Israel, like most countries, is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite its challenges, Israel is fairing comparatively […]