The Toronto Star and the Anti-Semitic Term “Israel Firsters”

On May 9, the Toronto Star published a letter to the editor on its website by writer Marjorie Robertson who, in maligning Israel as an “apartheid” state, employed the anti-Semitic term “Israel firsters”. Robertson wrote: “Israel has long been a Hafrada (apartheid/segregation) state. Apartheid by another name is still apartheid. Those who try to finesse […]

What La Presse Didn't Tell you About Anti-Israel Activist Max Blumenthal

French follows English… Max Blumenthal is an American provocateur, radical activist and author of a new book whose extremist views appeal primarily to far left and fringe elements.  Along with a tendency for being caught inventing facts, Blumenthal asserts Israel must choose between forced exodus and forced assimilation in a greater Arab society. Yet, despite Blumenthal’s […]