Toronto Caribbean Newspaper Must Apologize For Publishing Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory

On the heels of the antisemitic terror attack at Colleyville’s Beth Israel Synagogue last week, the Toronto Caribbean (TC), a paper which regards itself as “Canada’s leading Caribbean newspaper,” has published a column which outrageously utters an antisemitic conspiracy theory claiming that “Canadian, American and British politicians continue to kowtow to their populations Jewish Lobbyists…” […]

Polish-Canadian Newspaper Publishes Antisemitic Tirade Claiming COVID-19 Created by Jews

The National Post reports that a Polish-Canadian newspaper linked to a community group that’s received almost $300,000 in government funding, twice published an antisemitic tirade recently that suggested that COVID-19 is a creation of “organized Jewry,” and that Jews were the cause of all the world’s ills. The story suggests that “biological weapons are being […]

UPDATED: P.E.I Guardian Publishes Antisemitic Letter Blaming Israel for Coronavirus’ Spread

  Update 4: April 29, 2020: The P.E.I. Guardian published four more lengthy letters which countered Richard Deaton’s antisemitic polemic blaming Israel for the Coronavirus’ spread, and two letters which applauded the antisemitic letter, one by Judy Haiven, a member of the fringe anti-Israel group Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) who repeated the antisemitic trope that […]