In Hill Times Column, Concordia University Professor Attempts To Label Opponents Of Islamic Terrorism With “Anti-Palestinian” Racist Label

On June 6, the Hill Times published an opinion column penned by Sarah Ghabrial, an associate professor at Concordia University, who is the head of the university’s new task force sub-committee on anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia. In her piece entitled: “Committee hearings on antisemitism, Islamophobia risk causing more harm to campus safety,” Ghabrial took aim […]

Concordia Student Newspaper Calls Lebanese Murderer a “Political Prisoner”

On October 22, a protest was held in downtown Montreal in front of the French consulate in support of Georges Abdallah, a 71-year-old man serving a life sentence in France. The Link, a student newspaper serving Concordia University, covered the demonstration in a news article by writer Sarah-Maria Khoueiry entitled: “Freedom and Liberation: Political Prisoners […]

Concordia Student Newspaper Endorses Anti-Israel Amnesty International Report

On February 1, Amnesty International released a report accusing Israel of practicing “apartheid” against Palestinians and Arab-Israelis. The organization has a longstanding anti-Israel fixation, and it has accused Israel of various human rights abuses in the past. Their new report “Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians” presents a mix of half-truths, misinformation and is a laser focus […]

Concordia Student Union Atones For Antisemitism: HRC In Times of Israel

Read via the Times of Israel. Once again, Canadian Jews have the dubious distinction of being the most targeted group for hate crimes. In a report released on March 29, Statistics Canada revealed that Jewish Canadians were the single biggest victims of religiously motivated hate crimes across the country in 2019. In the wake of […]