CBC Blames Israel For Gaza Destruction, Despair and Deaths

Update: May 27, 2021: After HonestReporting Canada issued its alert and our subscribers sent complaints, CBC News surreptitiously amended Margaret Evans’ online article to now say that “Israel said more than 4,300 rockets were fired at the country by Hamas and other militant groups from the Gaza Strip during the recent conflict, , most of […]

HRC Prompts Correction to Saeb Erekat Globe & Mail Column

This past Friday, the Globe and Mail published an incendiary op-ed by Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian’s chief negotiator, who among other libels slurred against Israel, erroneously claimed the following: “While thousands of Palestinian civilians were being slaughtered in Gaza, Canada was among the very few countries that encouraged Israel to continue its attack on the besieged […]

CBC Issues Clarification: Israel Disputes UN Figures on Gaza Casualties

On December 19, CBC.ca published a report from the Canadian Press which stated the following: “The 50-day war between Israel and the Islamic militant group Hamas left more than 2,100 Palestinians dead, most of them civilians, says the UN. In Israel, 72 people were killed, most of them soldiers.” What wasn’t mentioned in this report is […]

Ombud Upholds HRC Complaint; CBC (Mis)Reporting of Gaza Casualties Violated Standards

In a recent HonestReporting Canada alert, we notified you of a complaint we sent to the CBC in regards to several CBC News reports on October 12 which claimed that “most” of the Palestinian casualties killed in Gaza during the recent Israel-Hamas war were “civilians”. As we noted in our alert: “These statements were not made in attribution and […]