Toronto Star Scribe Rick Salutin Sanitizes The Dangers of Hamas Terrorism

Writing from his comfortable perch far away from the Mideast conflict in Toronto, Rick Saluin, a columnist for the Toronto Star, claimed today that Israelis aren’t even “remotely threatened by Hamas” which is “basically a militia who scuttle through tunnels and fire rockets that rarely hit anything…” To wit, Hamas just fired 4,000+ deadly rockets […]

Star Columnist Wrong For Asserting Israel is Depriving Palestinians of Vaccine

Today, the Toronto Star published a letter from CIJA who took anti-Israel columnist Shree Paradkar to task for spreading the falsehood that Israel had denied Palestinians the COVID-19 vaccine. Paradkar’s January 4 column falsely asserted the following: Meanwhile, Israel, which is tearing past the rest of the world with an impressive vaccination rate of more […]

Globe Columnist Picard Repeats Canard that Israel Hasn’t Vaccinated Palestinians

On January 4, respected Globe and Mail columnist André Picard‘s positive and informative commentary about Israel leading the world in COVID-19 vaccinations, was marred by his repeating the canard that Israel hasn’t vaccinated Palestinians, which he refers to as a “human rights issue”. Picard writes that: In truth, the Palestinians never asked for Israel’s help […]

UPDATED: Toronto Star Responds to HRC Complaint About Tony Burman’s Unsubstantiated Claims

Today in the Toronto Star’s print and online versions, columnist Tony Burman wrote the following egregious and unsubstantiated statement: “For its part, Canada has made itself irrelevant in this process. In September 2012, at the urging of Israel, the government of Stephen Harper surprised everyone and broke off relations with Iran.“ While Mr. Burman is […]

Neil Macdonald Continues to Criticize Israel Using CBC’s Website

Only a couple weeks ago, we observed how Neil Macdonald, former reporter and now opinion columnist for CBC, continued to usurpe the CBC’s platforms to malign Israel. Macdonald’s modus operandi, as we’ve documented extensively, has been to twist unrelated world affairs stories and then find opportunities to criticize Israel. (See the following examples: here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.) True to […]