Tony Burman Absurdly Claims Israel is in a Nuclear Arms Race with Iran and Saudis

On what basis can Tony Burman assert in his February 24 Toronto Star column that Israel is in a “nuclear arms race” with Saudi Arabia and Iran? Though Israel has a policy of nuclear ambiguity in that it doesn’t confirm or deny its suspected atomic arsenal, it’s widely understood that for over 50-years Israel has […]

Toronto Star Columnist Tony Burman Singles Out Israel Again

In his latest Toronto Star column on June 7, in-house Israel criticizer Tony Burman is quick to criticize President Trump for putting forth what he describes as an “unbalanced” Mideast foreign policy, however, let’s not be obtuse to the fact that President Obama has been regarded as the most critical American President of Israel in […]

Michael Bell Fans the Flames of Hatred

In the backdrop of one of the worst terror attacks in Israel in recent years that saw four Israeli Rabbis brutally murdered in cold blood while praying at their synagogue, an act incited by Palestinian leaders and carried out by Palestinian terrorists, Michael Bell irresponsibly fanned the flames of hatred by raising the spectre of a […]

Sun Column Calls Out UN Bias Against Israel

Coverage of Israel’s recent boycott of the UN’s Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review by newswires like Associated Press and Reuters failed to report the Council’s record of systematic bias in its singling Israel out for abuse while giving tyrants a free pass. Not so, this column by Lorne Gunter appearing in various Sun Newspapers […]