Desmond Cole Given Unfettered Platform to Smear Israel on AM640

On the October 8 broadcast of AM 640’s Toronto Today talk show with Greg Brady, radio listeners were treated to a nearly 10 minute anti-Israel diatribe by controversial Toronto author Desmond Cole. (Start at the 11:50 mark on the audio player below) Cole, who recently attempted to abuse his position teaching about anti-Black racism for […]

Does Foodbenders Support Ethnic Cleansing of 7 Million Israeli Jews?

Yesterday, Foodbenders issued a media statement on “activism and antisemitism” claiming that “Canada and Israel are settler colonial police states that need to be decolonized, demilitarized and defunded.” Firstly, Jews are indigenous to Israel and have lived there, uninterrupted, for 3,000 years and have legal, religious and ancestral claims to the historic land of Israel. […]

PostMedia Columnist Ignores Jewish Indigeneity to Israel

Writing in the Kingston Whig-Standard on March 7, Louis Delvoie, a frequent critic of Israel wrote the following in a polemic entitled “The Divisions of Empire”: The same political and financial problems that led the British to abandon their Indian empire also prompted them to withdraw from Palestine, another conflict-ridden region. Rather than stay and […]

HRC Disturbed by McGill Daily’s Reaffirming its Discriminatory Anti-Zionist Policy

The McGill Daily, a campus paper accused of antisemitism and known for singling Israel out for exclusive condemnation, has reaffirmed its “anti-Zionist stance” that sees pro-Israel commentaries banned from the publication. In its November 4 edition, the paper’s editorial board penned a “response” that characterized the State of Israel as a “racist” and “colonial movement” […]