CTV Reporter Misleads Viewers Into Believing Israel Blocked Aid to Gaza

On May 19, CTV correspondent Paul Workman produced a report where he said that there are fears of an impending humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip because “there’s a shortage of water, very little electricity and fuel isn’t getting through and humanitarian aid groups have had their shipments, their trucks, blocked at the border to […]

Israel Disputes Claims in AP Article that Gazan Girl Died Alone

On June 13, HonestReporting Canada brought our concerns to the Toronto Star’s attention regarding an Associated Press article that the Star published to its website the day prior entitled: “Sick Gaza child caught in Israeli permit regime dies alone”. The AP’s article stated the following in the first three paragraphs (emphasis added): When Palestinian preschooler […]

Complaint Filed: CBC Produces Biased Reporting of Palestinian Olympic Swimmer

HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with CBC News editors over recent biased reports produced by CBC Mideast Bureau Chief Derek Stoffel about a Palestinian Olympic swimmer, Mary al-Atrash, as the CBC wrongly implied that she was impeded by Israel from training at an Olympic-sized swimming pool in Jerusalem. On August 1, CBC News.ca produced a report […]