HRC Published In The Calgary Herald: Gaza Toll Being Inflated

On May 18, HRC Assistant Director Robert Walker was published in The Calgary Herald, writing in response to a letter by Rita Wong, who falsely stated that “Our governments have witnessed the (Israeli) military massacre of more than 35,000 unarmed Palestinian refugees, almost half of whom are children” over the past 8 months. HRC rebuked her […]

Success! HRC Prompts Gzero Media To Correct False Claim That Israel Has Killed “30,000 (Palestinian) Civilians”

On March 15, Gzero Media, which describes its efforts as being dedicated to providing the public with intelligent and engaging coverage of global affairs, published a commentary by Canadian journalist Stephen Maher  entitled: “Biden and Trudeau face headwinds … from Gaza”, in which Mr. Maher erroneously claimed that “30,000 (Palestinian) civilians have been killed since […]

Toronto Star Amends Headline Removing Reference of “Israeli War Crimes”

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has been long criticized for its faulty methodology and anti-Israel biases. This week’s release of yet another HRW report condemning Israel for alleged “war crimes” was just another example of HRW’s gratuitous gang up on the Jewish state. As NGO Monitor President Gerald M. Steinberg described: “Human Rights Watch has a […]

HRC Prompts Toronto Star Clarification Acknowledging Deaths of Islamic Jihad Terrorists

On November 14, the Toronto Star published an Associated Press wire report in its print edition about the recent hostilities between the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad terror group and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). HonestReporting Canada analysts took note that the lead paragraph of the Star’s article stated only the following: Israeli aircraft struck Islamic Jihad […]