After Omitting Antisemitism from 2022 Winter Webinar Series & Apologizing, Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) Delivers on Promise of New Program

Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) held a webinar series during the Winter 2022 semester called “Generous Futures: Power and Politics in Charitable Giving”, featuring discussions about combating Islamophobia, anti-Asian racism, ageism, and working to advance disability rights, LGBTQ+ rights, black voices, etc. It did not, however, list combating antisemitism in its programming and magazine, […]

LISTEN: CBC Radio Sanitizes Hateful Nature of Al Quds Day Rally

  The annual hate fest known as the Al Quds Day rally regularly espouses virulent antisemitism, incitement to violence, glorification of terrorism and open celebrations of the massacres of Jews. Conceived by the Iranian regime to mobilize its supporters to call for Israel’s destruction, every year, anti-Israel protesters gather in downtown Toronto to demonize Israel […]

Canada’s Media Should Hold NDP To Account For Toxic Anti-Israel Resolutions

For a country significantly smaller in land area than Vancouver Island, and with just over nine million people, Israel seems to capture attention and attract negativity, significantly disproportionate to its size. Last year, in just one microcosm, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted 17 resolutions condemning Israel alone, while adopting six resolutions for all […]

Anti-Israel Group IJV Makes Common Cause with Extremist Group Palestine House

From time to time, Canadian media outlets quote representatives from a fringe anti-Israel group known as Independent Jewish Voices (IJV). Aside from being not representative of mainstream Jewish Canadian groups, IJV has been criticized for being against the very existence of the world’s only Jewish state and according to IHRA, their supporting anti-Zionism and their […]

HRC in Times of Israel: Reverse Canada’s Faustian Bargain With Dictators

Also available on the Times of Israel website directly. Labelled a “betrayal” of a most trusted ally and a “Faustian bargain with dictatorships,” on November 19, Canada voted against Israel and with the Jewish state’s enemies at the United Nations. Breaking with bi-partisan tradition and a principled 10-year record in opposing one-sided resolutions, Canada joined a who’s […]

HRC In the National Post: “Antisemitism Evident” in Anti-Zionists

In the National Post today, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman commented on how Canada’s recongizing the IHRA definition of antisemitism, recognizes that when anti-Israel detractors support anti-Zionism, that those efforts are actually antisemitic. Here’s our letter in full: While it’s certainly praiseworthy that the National Post devoted significant frontpage coverage to Canada’s adopting the International […]