Deicide Libel Surfaces Against Jews in the Chronicle Herald, CJN Covers HRC’s Efforts

The Canadian Jewish News picked up on Honest Reporting Canada’s exposing the deicide libel against Jews that surfaced in The Chronicle Herald out of Nova Scotia recently. Here’s Bruce Ticker’s analysis: Someone finally did it – publicly blaming the Jewish People for the crucifixion of Jesus and, even more disgracefully, applying this libel to explain […]

HRC Condemns Chronicle Herald for Printing Antisemitic Letter Claiming Jews Killed Jesus

Update: February 10, 2020: Our letter condemning the publication of an antisemitic letter in the Chroncile Herald was published today: Original Alert: February 4, 2020: HonestReporting Canada takes serious issue with a letter published in the Chronicle Herald on International Holocaust Remembrance Day no less, that was rife with antisemitic tropes and Jewish conspiracy theories. […]

HRC In Chronicle Herald Today: What Choice Did Israel Have?

In The Chronicle Herald today, Honest Reporting Canada noted that with “Tens of thousands of #Palestinians massed along Israel’s border with #Gaza, and many who tried to breach the Jewish state’s border with the Palestinian territory with the intent to massacre innocent Israelis,” what choice did Israel have? See our full letter online on the […]

HRC in Chronicle Herald: Anti-Israel Detractor Stigmatizes Israel

In The Chronicle Herald today, Honest Reporting Canada confronted an anti-Israel detractor who attempted to stigmatize Israel. Our full commentary is below. Re: Larry Haiven’s April 26 letter, “Rather rosy picture of Israel” and smearing of Israel is wholly disingenuous and is a perfect example of how, when baseless accusations are left unanswered, they risk becoming […]