Overlooked Realities in La Presse’s Portrayal of Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis

Cliquez ici pour la version française Samir Shaheen-Hussain’s November 17 article in La Presse titled: “The war on children in Palestine,” seeks to draws attention to the dire circumstances faced by Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip, citing statistics from non-governmental organizations like Save the Children and Defense for Children International–Palestine, the latter which Israel […]

CBC Music Airs Song Suggesting Israel Lines Up Palestinian Children Against A Wall

On December 24, CBC Radio broadcast a 2019 Christmas special with musicians the Good Lovelies who sang songs from their Christmas album at a concert in Stratford, Ontario. Of all the songs that could be sung, they included this gem by Anaïs Mitchell suggesting that Israel lines Palestinian children up against a wall near Bethlehem […]

Toronto Star Article Blames Israel For Gazan Children Suffering and Trauma

In the Toronto Star on August 15, a feature-length Associated Press (AP) report was published on the plight of Gazan children, particularly during the last armed conflict between Hamas & Israel (“Portraits of Pain: Traumas of war apparent in the portraits of children from Gaza Strip.”). While there is certainly no dispute that these children […]

National Post Amends Headline: Gaza Beach Incident a "Tragic Accident" Israel Says

Today, HonestReporting Canada asked National Post Editor-in-Chief Anne-Marie Owens to amend the following headline that Post editors gave to this Associated Press article: As we relayed to Ms. Owens, the mistaken impression given by this online headline is that the Israeli military were callously indifferent to the deaths of the Palestinian children who were killed. In […]