CBC Music Airs Song Suggesting Israel Lines Up Palestinian Children Against A Wall

On December 24, CBC Radio broadcast a 2019 Christmas special with musicians the Good Lovelies who sang songs from their Christmas album at a concert in Stratford, Ontario. Of all the songs that could be sung, they included this gem by Anaïs Mitchell suggesting that Israel lines Palestinian children up against a wall near Bethlehem […]

CBC.ca Ignores Israel's Security Concerns in Palestinian-Initiated Football Flap

HRC was deeply troubled by a May 28 CBC.ca article by Mdieast Bureau Chief Derek Stoffel entitled: “Palestinian Football Association wants Israel booted from world soccer” which altogether failed to provide necessary context about Israel’s legitimate security concerns. Mr. Stoffel reported the following: “Perhaps the biggest complaint raised by the Palestinian Football Association is that its players […]

Reality Check for the Toronto Star: Israeli Checkpoints Save Lives

A Toronto Star report described Israeli checkpoints as “dehumanizing portal(s)” and while it’s regrettable that such security measures must be put in place as they pose inconveniences to Palestinians?, these necessary precautions against terror ensure the safety of both Israelis? and Palestinians. Read our commentary appended below or at Huffington Post Canada. In a special to the Toronto […]

HRC Secures Ottawa Citizen Clarification: Israel Has No Gaza Checkpoints

In a report by Hugh Adami published in the Ottawa Citizen on June 1 entitled “Family remains separated as Immigration fumbles files”, the following was erroneously stated: “… The situation in the territories of Gaza and the West Bank, where Israel maintains various checkpoints, continues to be volatile. There is no work.”  Contrary to this […]