Broadview Magazine Article Contained Factual Errors on Israeli-Palestinian Dispute

It’s never easy to delve into the muddy waters of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, and every honest attempt helps to uncover more truth. However, an article in Broadview Magazine, affiliated with the United Church of Canada, contained a number of factual errors which must be addressed. In a June 7 article entitled: “3 […]

Globe and Mail Wrong to Claim that Hamas Moderated its Stand on Israel

In an apparent effort to make its image more appealing to a western audience, Hamas has sought to present itself as pragmatists through a new manifesto it debuted this week at a news conference held in Qatar. Make no mistake, despite Hamas’ PR spin campaign, it’s still a ruthless terrorist organization that’s bent on Israel’s […]

Contrary to National Post Op-Ed: Hamas Wants an Escalation of Hostilities with Israel

With all due respect to Daniel Shapiro, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, the notion that Hamas “prefers to avoid an escalation with Israel” is demonstrably false. In an op-ed entitled “Signals pointing to Gaza War” which was published in the National Post on April 3, Mr. Shapiro makes this erroneous claim. Contrary to Shapiro’s contentions, […]

The Hamas-Fatah Pact: When Unity Divides

Last week, Fatah and Hamas reached a unity agreement. The deal between the Islamist regime in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority governing the West Bank calls for a unity government to be formed within five weeks and for presidential, parliamentary and provincial elections to be called within six months of the coalition taking form. The sides will also […]