Success! HRC Prompts CBC To Take Corrective Action After Reporter Gave Sympathetic Coverage To Tiny Anti-Israel Boycott Petition & Failed To Quote Opponents Of Such Efforts

In the latest breathless news coverage of fringe anti-Israel activists, a recent CBC News article reported on a motley crew in Sudbury, Ontario. In the June 25 article entitled: “Pro-Palestinian group in Sudbury calls for Canada to prohibit sale of nickel to Israel,” reporter Aya Dufour documented the efforts of a local group of anti-Israel […]

A Muslim Winnipegger With Mental Health Challenges Died By Suicide; A Local Muslim Group Irresponsibly Blamed Israel, Amplified By CBC & Winnipeg Free Press

On Saturday, June 15, a young Syrian member of Winnipeg’s Muslim community who was reportedly suffering from mental health challenges died by suicide by setting himself on fire inside the Winnipeg Grand Mosque. While the suicide would ordinarily be a tragedy for the family and for the community, a prominent Winnipeg Muslim organization quickly used […]

Radio-Canada Article Evaluates “Legal” Issues Related To Anti-Israel Campus Occupation, Sharing Demonstrably False Statements With Zero Context

Cliquez ici pour la version française A recent Canadian Press article published by CBC Radio-Canada on May 25 entitled: “Private property or public space? The encampments spark a legal debate,” was ostensibly a review of the legality surrounding the small anti-Israel campus occupations, offering insights as to their legality and quoting so-called “experts” on the […]

Complaint Filed! CBC Radio-Canada Article Legitimizes Term Used To Erase Israel

Cliquez ici pour la version française On April 17, CBC’s Radio-Canada published an article entitled: “Quebecers take part in a humanitarian mission in Gaza,” in which our public broadcaster glorified the propaganda, ideology, and behavior of anti-Israel extremists while failing utterly to uphold fundamental journalistic principles. The article reported on the participation of several Canadians […]

Success! CBC Removes Reference Of “Palestinian Resistance Movement” After HRC Complaint.

On April 17, Ted Arnott, the speaker of the Ontario Legislature, announced that he would be banning the keffiyeh, the checkered Arab headdress, from being worn at Queen’s Park. In his decision, Arnott pointed out that the keffiyeh represented a divisive “political message.” Particularly following Hamas’ October 7 massacres in Israel, the keffiyeh has become […]