Success! CBC Ombudsman Finds Anti-Israel Culinary Radio Show Violated Journalistic Standards

HonestReporting Canada is pleased to share that, subsequent to a complaint we lodged with CBC last year regarding an anti-Israel segment that their radio program “Unforked” broadcast, Ombudsman Jack Nagler upheld our complaint and recognized that the episode violated their Journalistic Standards and Practices. In a report dated March 23, 2022, Ombudsman Nagler responded to […]

CBC Radio Omits Antisemitic Motivations Behind Murder of Sarah Halimi

Last week, France’s court of appeals ruled, unbelievably, that the brutal murderer of Sarah Halimi, a 65-year-old retired Jewish schoolteacher and doctor in Paris, cannot be held criminally responsible, because he, Kobili Traoré, was high on marijuana and could not be held criminally responsible. On April 4, 2017, Halimi was murdered in her apartment by […]

CBC Fawns Over Dead Palestinian Leader Saeb Erekat

With news that longtime Palestinian leader and former chief negotiator Saeb Erekat had passed away, CBC News devoted considerable coverage which ostensibly fawned over Erekat and ignored his anti-peace credentials. Erekat is best known for giving lip service to the cause of peace, for being duplicitous, and for engaging in the art of Palestinian double […]

CBC Radio Errs Claiming Only 3 Arab Countries Recognize Israel

On October 23 at 11:03pm ET, CBC Radio produced a short report which covered the peace deal between Sudan and Israel that erroneously claimed that only three Arab countries recognize Israel. (You can listen to this brief report by clicking here or click the media player below.) CBC’s news anchor stated the following: Israeli Prime […]

HRC Prompts CBC Radio On-Air Correction: Israel Didn’t Build New Settlement

  Day in and day out, HRC is on the front lines exposing and countering CBC bias against Israel. Case in point, on the afternoon of July 31, CBC Radio aired a report which erroneously claimed that Israel recently constructed a new settlement. The CBC report stated the following: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toured […]

Israel Under Fire By Hamas Rockets – Canadian Media’s Lacklustre News Coverage

In the past 24 hours, Palestinians terrorists in Gaza, chiefly Hamas, have fired more than 180 rockets and mortars at Israeli towns triggering 150 Israeli counter strikes targeting Hamas military installations. The onslaught of rocket fire has seen 19 Israeli civilians wounded and taken to hospital. Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system has intercepted 30 […]