CBC.ca Ignores Israel's Security Concerns in Palestinian-Initiated Football Flap

HRC was deeply troubled by a May 28 CBC.ca article by Mdieast Bureau Chief Derek Stoffel entitled: “Palestinian Football Association wants Israel booted from world soccer” which altogether failed to provide necessary context about Israel’s legitimate security concerns. Mr. Stoffel reported the following: “Perhaps the biggest complaint raised by the Palestinian Football Association is that its players […]

CBC Must Apologize for Disgraceful Headline in Jerusalem Terror Attack Coverage

Many Canadians woke up today to the horrific news that two Palestinian terrorists had entered a Jerusalem synagogue armed with pistols, meat cleavers, knives and axes, murdering five Israelis (four rabbis and a police officer) and injuring over a half dozen others, including a Canadian-Israeli dual citizen. How did our public broadcaster’s website cover one of the […]

CBC Corrects: Israel Annexed East Jerusalem Only, Settlements Not "Foremost" Obstacle to Peace

Yesterday, CBC News.ca wrongly reported the following statement: “CBC’s Mideast correspondent, Sasa Petricic, has been reporting on the talks from Jerusalem. “Nobody here really expects any kind of a major breakthrough … because of certain stumbling blocks,” foremost the settlement issue.” While Jewish settlements constitute an issue that needs to be resolved in final status […]

CBC Ombud Upholds HRC Complaint: AIH Radio Headline was Misleading

On May 28, CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin upheld an HonestReporting Canada complaint regarding a CBC As It Happens radio headline which erroneously claimed that Qatar’s bid to move ICAO, a UN aviation agency from Montreal to Doha, was due solely to “Canada’s Middle East policy” which this program unequivocally declared was “the reason” such an effort […]

CBC.ca Amends Article After HonestReporting Canada Complaint

A July 30 CBC.ca/Canadian Press article entitled “Romney called racist for his view of Israel’s success” misleadingly claimed that: “…Israel has had control over the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem since 1967.” Contrary to this statement, in 2005 Israel disengaged from the Gaza Strip removing its 8,500 settlers and combined armed forces. […]