HRC / AVI Campus Media Fellow Published In The Algemeiner: Weak National Canadian Identity Is Leading To Democratic Values Backsliding

HRC/AVI Campus Media Fellow Zara Nybo, was published in The Algemeiner about how across Canada, university students are assuming pro-Hamas identities — many after reading ill-informed or false information from social media. In the name of social justice, they are aligning with a cause that approves the intentional targeting of Jewish civilians, calls for the eradication […]

Extreme Anti-Israel Publication Has Received Nearly $400,000 In Federal Government Funding In Last Five Years describes itself as “the go-to site for progressive journalism and dialogue” that is “an essential part of a balanced media diet.” In reality, it is an extreme-left, fanatically anti-Israel publication that compares Israel to Nazi Germany, downplays Hamas terrorism, ignores Israeli women’s testimonies of rape and downplays antisemitism. The website, based out of an […]

Open Letter Signed By Canadian “Journalists” Calls For More Pro-Palestinian Content

More than 150 “journalists” across Canada have signed onto a recent open letter, entitled: “Journalists in Canada condemn Israel’s continued killing of journalists in Gaza,” decrying what they describe as the “violence enacted upon journalists (and civilians) in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli government.” That journalists have been killed in Gaza covering the war […]

After Claiming That Israeli-Canadian Woman Died “As A Result Of Conflict,” And Not At The Hands Of Hamas Terrorists, An HRC Intervention Prompted CBC To Acknowledge The Truth

Following the horror and carnage perpetrated by Hamas terrorists on Israeli civilians on the morning of October 7, and amidst the huge number of victims being identified and named, news media outlets have begun publishing articles, connecting some of the victims to their extended families around the world. On October 11, CBC News Ottawa writers […]

Palestinians Celebrate A Bloody Terrorist Attack In Jerusalem: Where’s The Media Coverage?

On Friday evening, January 27 – coinciding with International Holocaust Remembrance Day – a Palestinian terrorist murdered seven innocent Israelis outside a Jerusalem synagogue. While the attack was condemned by countries around the world, the attack was celebrated throughout the Palestinian territories where residents passed out candies, honked horns in celebration, and set off celebratory fireworks. While such scenes are sickening, it’s important for the […]

Canadian Muslim Group Blames Israel For Violent Palestinian Rioting

For the first time in more than three decades, the holidays of Passover, Easter and Ramadan coincided, with billions of faithful around the world celebrating these holy days to Jews, Christians and Muslims. For the vast majority of adherents across the globe, these festivities passed peacefully, but not everywhere. A few days before Easter and […]