CBC and CPAC Broadcast Anti-Israel Radical Crashing Press Conference and Spewing Hatred

On Wednesday, May 25, Justice Minister David Lametti held a press conference on the constitutional rights of minorities in Quebec.  Halfway through the press conference, Justice Minister Lametti was interrupted by a radical anti-Israel activist named Yves Engler, who criticized Canada’s support for Israel, which he deemed an “apartheid” state, that he claims illegally recruits […]

Deputy Leader of NDP Spreads Falsehoods About Al-Aqsa Mosque Rioting

On April 19, Alexandre Boulerice, Deputy Leader of the NDP, posted a message to his 29,000 Facebook followers in French, claiming Israeli forces were “attacking” innocent Muslims and the Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan, to rid “Jerusalem of its Muslim and Christian heritage” and to “clear space” for alleged Jewish extremist groups to move into what […]

Canadian Journalists Who Criticized Israel Fail To Speak Out Against The Taliban

For the nearly 40 million citizens of Afghanistan, their country has suddenly entered the Dark Ages with the Taliban taking hold of the capital of Kabul. Memories of the Taliban are seared into the minds of Canadians who remember the terror group’s human rights abuses and its brutal reign over Afghanistan. Canadians recall the Taliban’s […]