Israel Shouldn't be a Sacrificial Lamb for Canada to Secure a Seat at the Security Council

Whether Canada should lobby for a seat at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is a legitimate matter for debate. The Liberal Government supports engaging in multilateral organizations like the UN to further Canada’s foreign policy interests, while the previous governing Conservatives had argued that Canada doesn’t need a spot on the Council to have […]

"Harper's Support for Israel Worthy of Praise" HRC's Latest Huff Post Canada Op-Ed

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s support for Israel is worthy of praise, not selective opprobrium by Josh Scheinert. Under Harper’s administration, Canada has chosen principle over political expediency in its stalwart support for the Jewish state. Whether at the UN, the Francophonie, in domestic and international audiences and in foreign policy circles, Canada’s support for the only […]

Canada Was Right To Oppose the Palestinian UN Bid

HRC’s latest Huffington Post commentary published on May 8 points out that the UN, which continues to be depicted in the media as an impartial institution dedicated to conflict resolution, provided the platform for Mahmoud Abbas to flout Oslo and vilify Israel. Indeed, the resolution granting elevated status to “Palestine” was cited deferentially by the media, without context. […]

UBC Student Group Acts as Apologists For a Convicted Palestinian Terrorist

HRC’s latest Huffington Post Canada commentary published on May 3 says “While Leila Khaled is a convicted terrorist and an unrepentant one to boot, Omar Shaban, Director of SPHR at UBC, is her apologist and both should be described as such by Canada’s media and condemned for their repugnant views and efforts which run counter […]