Maclean's Exposé Ignores Terror Attacks in Israel in 2016

In a special “Newsmakers” double issue of Maclean’s Magazine released on December 12, 2016, Maclean’s produced a two page exposé (see here and here) dubbed “Terror Around the Globe” which chronicled shocking terror attacks in Florida, Brussels, France, Nigeria, Turkey, Germany, Philippines, Syria, and Pakistan. As Maclean’s put it: “Many of the attacks that shocked […]

HRC in the Vancouver Province: "West Should Adopt Israeli Security Systems to Stay Safe"

In the Vancouver Province today, HRC Research Analyst Jake Beaumont says that “when it comes to airport security, Israel is regarded as the gold standard. On a daily basis, Israel is forced to deal with strategic, tactical and existential terror threats, while facing constant scrutiny from the international community and our media for efforts that […]

Globe and Mail Describes Murders in Brussels as a "Raid" by a "Militant"

Following the Globe and Mail’s description on June 2 of the murders at the Jewish Museum in Brussels as a “raid” by a “militant”, HRC letter writer Robert Yufe sets the record straight in today’s Globe: It wasn’t a military operation on a legitimate target, it was a terrorist anti-Semitic attack. Last week’s deadly shooting […]