Columnist Gwynne Dyer Accuses Israel of Indiscriminate Bombing of Gaza

In his latest opinion column entitled: “Israelis aren’t facing perils Allied bombers did,” published December 23 in The Hill Times, The Telegram, Welland Tribune and the Cape Breton Post, columnist Gwynne Dyer compared Israel’s counter-terrorism measures against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip with Allied bombers fighting Nazi Germany in World War Two. While the moral comparison is […]

In Whitehorse Daily Star, HRC Argues That Israel’s War Against Hamas Is Just

On December 6, the Whitehorse Daily Star published a commentary by columnist Gwynne Dyer who asserted that “Israel will not be able to justify its extensive bombing of Gaza,” saying that “There is zero chance that another month of killing will achieve any of Israel’s announced war aims.” According to Dyer, Israel’s war is not just “unjust,” […]