HRC In Chronicle Herald Today: What Choice Did Israel Have?

In The Chronicle Herald today, Honest Reporting Canada noted that with “Tens of thousands of #Palestinians massed along Israel’s border with #Gaza, and many who tried to breach the Jewish state’s border with the Palestinian territory with the intent to massacre innocent Israelis,” what choice did Israel have? See our full letter online on the […]

HRC Counters NCCAR's "Border Inaccuracies" in Embassy Magazine Letter

An August 21 Embassy Magazine column by Peter Larson of the National Council on Canada Arab Relations (NCCAR) incorrectly referred to an “illegal occupation” of the West Bank. The column also wrongly asserted that “Accepting the 1967 border as a basis for discussion …means that the Palestinian starting point would be on only 22 per cent […]

CBC Retracts Claim that Israel Killed 23 Syrian Demonstrators After HRC Complaint

On March 30, published an article entitled: “Israel seals off West Bank for Land Day protests” which erroneously claimed that in the Summer of 2011, that "Israeli troops killed 23 (Syrian) demonstrators…" Please see our screen grab immediately below from your reference: Contrary to this statement, Israel contends that its forces only killed 13 demonstrators who tried to […]