Iran’s Regime Reveals Major Advancement In Nuclear Weapons Progress

For many years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been suspected of pursuing a nuclear weapons program. In 2009, as part of ongoing negotiations, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revealed that the Islamist regime in Tehran had failed to disclose a major uranium enrichment facility, although the agency was not able to conclude that […]

CTV Reporter Misleads Viewers Into Believing Israel Blocked Aid to Gaza

On May 19, CTV correspondent Paul Workman produced a report where he said that there are fears of an impending humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip because “there’s a shortage of water, very little electricity and fuel isn’t getting through and humanitarian aid groups have had their shipments, their trucks, blocked at the border to […]

HRC In National Post: “Iranian Nuclear Deal Was Never Going to Work”

Today, the National Post prominently featured an HonestReporting Canada op-ed that exposed the fundamental flaws of the JCPOA, also known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, an agreement which didn’t block Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, it only delayed it and accelerated its atomic ambitions. Read our full op-ed on the Post’s website or immediately below. […]

National Post Headline Fails to Identify Dead Palestinian as Combatant

Terribly misleading headline from the National Post today. The Palestinian threw firebombs at Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers who returned fire in self defense. He was a combatant who should be identified as such. HonestReporting Canada calls on the Post to correct this horrendous headline. Send your considered comments to the Post at:

CTV News Amends Headline that Presented Palestinian Balloon Bombs as Party Favours

Update: January 28, 2020 Following the issuance of this media action alert, our complaint sent directly to CTV News and the response of HonestReporting Canada’s subscribers who complained directly to CTV News website editors, CTV’s headline which had presented balloon bombs launched by Palestinian terrorists as party favours, has been amended. CTV’s revised headline now […]