Success! Canadian Anti-Israel Detractor’s Original Account No Longer Exists On TikTok

SUCCESS!!! We are pleased to report that with the help of the entire HonestReporting Canada community, the original account from Firas al-Najim, which had a following of over 8,000 people, and which hosted multiple antisemitic videos, no longer exists on TikTok. Original Story Below Just days after International Holocaust Remembrance Day, HonestReporting Canada is alarmed […]

Concordia Student Union Atones For Antisemitism: HRC In Times of Israel

Read via the Times of Israel. Once again, Canadian Jews have the dubious distinction of being the most targeted group for hate crimes. In a report released on March 29, Statistics Canada revealed that Jewish Canadians were the single biggest victims of religiously motivated hate crimes across the country in 2019. In the wake of […]

Globe and Mail Gives Platform to Anti-Israel COVID Vaccine Smear

Following in the footsteps of CBC News who adopted the canard that Israel denied Palestinians the COVID-19 vaccine, on January 9, the Globe and Mail gave a platform to this anti-Israel smear. Mark Mackinnon, the Globe’s former Middle East bureach chief, wrote an article entitled: “Netanyahu revels in Israel’s COVID-19 vaccine successes, though the campaign […]

Polish-Canadian Newspaper Publishes Antisemitic Tirade Claiming COVID-19 Created by Jews

The National Post reports that a Polish-Canadian newspaper linked to a community group that’s received almost $300,000 in government funding, twice published an antisemitic tirade recently that suggested that COVID-19 is a creation of “organized Jewry,” and that Jews were the cause of all the world’s ills. The story suggests that “biological weapons are being […]

Canadian Media MIA in Covering Antisemitism in Canada

In the Toronto Sun today, Michael Mostyn, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada, comments that the Canadian media has been completely silent on recent incidents of virulent antisemitism domestically. “How can we truly build a fairer and more equal society when anti-Semitism, the world’s oldest and most pervasive hatred, all too often goes unreported?” said Mostyn. […]