CBC Sunday Edition Airs 30-Minute Interview with Pro-Israel Analyst After HRC Complaint

On November 10, CBC Sunday Edition aired a 30-minute anti-Israel invective that centered largely on replacing the world’s only Jewish state with an Arab-majority, Palestinian-run country. As we noted in our alert “CBC Anchor Michael Enright interviewed avowed anti-Zionist and anti-Israel detractor, Noura Erakat, professor of law at Rutgers University, who aside from uttering outright […]

McGill Daily Continues To Malign Israel

Up to its old tricks, the McGill Daily continues to malign Israel on its pages. This is not surprising from a publication which recently peddled in antisemitism by claiming that Zionism is racism and for having an editorial policy of banning Zionist opinions. On the September 30 edition, the Daily featured a polemic by its […]