Ex-CBC Reporter Neil Macdonald Laments Death of Saeb Erekat, As Does CBC Seemingly

Via Twitter today, ex-CBC reporter Neil Macdonald lamented the death of Palestinian  chief “negotiator” Saeb Erekat. Known for his anti-Israel bias, Macdonald chose to describe Erekat as a “good, decent man…” Macdonald conveniently forgot the following about Erekat: He led a $400-million Palestinian ‘Pay for Slay’ policy of paying salaries of  terrorists & murderers of […]

McGill Daily Gives a Platform to a Modern Day Blood Libel

On May 27, the McGill Daily student newspaper produced a news article which gave a platform to the incendiary allegation that Israel intentionally tests weapons products on presumably innocent Palestinians. This false and malicious allegation was made by Hala Yassin, a member of the anti-Israel organisaton PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity) and was featured in […]

Toronto Star Columnist Off-Side on Antisemitism

Rick Salutin’s contention in a February 19 column that “the new anti-Semitism… doesn’t target Jews but Muslims — given the Semitic roots of Islam” must be categorically rejected.Antisemitism, both new and old, is defined as the hatred and hostility directed exclusively to the Jewish people. When Jews, individually or as a collective, are discriminated against […]

Memo to Israeli Prison Wardens: Convicts had Better not die of Cancer. It’s Too “Controversial”!

An Agence-France Presse (AFP) news brief today termed the death of convicted Palestinian terrorist Hamdiyeh from throat cancer as “controversial”. Setting the bar ever lower for disguising propaganda as news, AFP peddled the Palestinian-Authority’s blame for Hamdiyeh’s death on Netanyahu, fanning the flames of incitement against Israel. Of course, the Palestinian Authority and other Arab […]

Meshwar Editor Continues to Laud Palestinian Terror; Claims Cartoons Not Anti-Semitic

  Dr. Nazih Khatatba, the editor of the free Toronto Arabic weekly newspaper called Meshwar that we recently criticized for its publishing anti-Semitic blood libel cartoons and for lauding Palestinian terror, sees no reason to apologize for printing such abhorrent content claiming in an editorial that the paper’s commentary is not anti-Semitic, but legitimate criticism […]

Action Alert: Anti-Semitic Cartoons Published in Toronto Arabic Newspaper

A Toronto-area Arabic newspaper called Meshwar recently on November 30 published an anti-Semitic cartoon depicting Israelis eating Palestinian children and drinking their blood. Other cartoons caricatured the stereotypical trope of hook-nosed, menacing Jews. According to Shalom Toronto’s Jonathan Halevi (see full article below), Meshwar expressed support for outlawed Palestinian terrorist organizations like Hamas and called […]