HRC Subscriber Published In The Hill Times: Netanyahu Isn’t Down For The Count

On June 5, HRC subscriber Larry Shapiro’s letter was published in The Hill Times, after HonestReporting Canada published an alert regarding a May 27 column by Gwynne Dyer, who cynically ignored Hamas’ efforts to stop aid from reaching the civilian population in Gaza, and gave undue credibility to a recent International Criminal Court ruling calling […]

Globe Reporter Tacitly Considers Israeli PM Bennett and Ex-PM Netanyahu As “Bad Guys”

Journalists are tasked to be objective and politically neutral. They’re duty bound to embargo their personal opinions, especially on controversial issues that they cover. With this in mind, it was disturbing to see Globe and Mail journalist Eric Reguly – who’s reporting from Israel right now – respond to a Tweet by tacitly considering that […]

HRC Prompts CBC To Remove False Claim That Netanyahu Opposes Palestinian Statehood

On June 13, CBC published an article to its website which falsely claimed that Benjamin Netanyahu is against the two-state solution. The article stated the following: “Bennett, who like Netanyahu opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state, made little mention of the Palestinians beyond threatening a tough response to violence. He also vowed, like […]