WATCH: After Years Of Hostility, Turkey Moves Closer To Israel

For many years, Turkey and Israel enjoyed close relations. But with the 2008 Gaza war, and the Gaza flotilla, Ankara’s leaders adopted a hardline anti-Israel position. But a decade later, in the face of Israel’s growing influence across the Middle East and beyond, Turkey has begun moving towards renewed closeness with Israel. No matter how […]

Growing Antisemitism at McGill Strikes at the Core of Jewish Identity

This Op-ed was published in The Suburban Newspaper on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 Growing antisemitism at McGill University culminated recently in the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) passing a referendum item entitled the “Palestine Solidarity Policy.” This policy was celebrated by the McGill Daily, which in recent years has committed to an “explicitly pro-Palestine […]

Toronto Star Gives Platform to BDS Whitewashing by New Israel Fund Head

UPDATE: November 27, 2021: In response to HonestReporting Canada’s complaint, the Toronto Star published the following clarification on November 27 to retract its falsely publishing that there are “Israeli-slash-Jewish-only roads”: Original Alert: November 16, 2021: In a front-page feature-length article on November 14, the Toronto Star gave significant coverage to an interview with Daniel Sokatch, […]

McGill Daily Runs Polemic Accusing Hillel of Offering Free “Propaganda” Trip to Israel

In an attempt to manufacture conflict and intimidate pro-Israel supporters and any McGill University students who may be open to learning more about the Jewish state, the discriminatory anti-Zionist propaganda paper the McGill Daily published a polemic on November 13 accusing Hillel McGill and GenMTL of having the temerity to offer free trips to Israel, […]