HRC Subscriber Published In The Hill Times: Campus Protesters Misinformed

On May 15, HRC subscriber Cynthia Lazar was published in The Hill Times, responding to a May 8 letter that applauded protesters who illegally encamped on campuses across British Columbia, and who ignored the hateful and antisemitic rhetoric found in these encampments. Lazar rebutted this letter stating that not only is the writer ignorant, but […]

HRC In Jewish Independent: Taking a Stand Against Antisemitic Hate in Vancouver

Vancouver’s Jewish Independent newspaper published an HRC op-ed which commented on recent instances of antisemitism that have surfaced in Vancouver, where hate mongers used the COVID-19 pandemic as a pretext to foment hatred against Jews. Since time immemorial, no matter what calamity occurred in the world, if there was a problem plaguing humanity Jews were […]