Media Must Take Note of Iran’s Dangerous Military Activities in Syria

For nearly a decade, the Syrian people have suffered through a seemingly never-ending civil war. More than half a million Syrians are estimated to have died in the last nine and a half years of armed conflict, in a conflagration between Sunnis and Shiites, ISIS and the Kurds, extremists and secularists, and every faction imaginable […]

Iran’s Spreading its Terrorist Tentacles Not For Self Defense Purposes

Iran’s spreading its tentacles throughout the Middle East is not for self-defense purposes as Dennis Horak, former Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, asserts in a column published in the Toronto Star on November 10. Iran’s hegemonic and expansionist efforts have seen it arm and finance Hezbollah, effectively taking Lebanon hostage with its 150,000 rockets. Tehran […]

Winnipeggers Condemn Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory Published in Winnipeg Free Press

On April 12, the Winnipeg Free Press published the following odious anti-semitic conspiracy theory peddled by letter writer Don Hermiston, who accused Israel of using chemical weapons against Syrian civilians: On April 14, the Free Press published the following four letters which criticized this letter and the paper itself for publishing it:

Globe Contributor Michael Bell Whitewashes Mass-Murdering Former Syrian President

A “flawed” regime? That’s how Globe and Mail contributor Michael Bell referred to the rein of Hafez al-Assad, former Syrian President and despot, mass murderer and father of Bashar “the butcher” Assad (also a serial killer who in recent years has killed over 200,000 Syrians). Bell, who teaches at Carleton University and advised Justin Trudeau […]