In the National Post and Western Standard, HRC Calls Out Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theories

On April 23, National Post Columnist Barbara Kay profiled HRC’s recent effort to expose the National Council for Canadian Muslims (NCCM) for engaging in anti-Israel conspiracy theories. According to Kay: The NCCM is peddling false news to discredit the Jewish state, and that’s inappropriate enough. But to media watchdog, Honest Reporting Canada (HRC), which is […]

HRC Webinar: An Insider’s Account From the Gulag to the Knesset

Watch now HonestReporting Canada’s October 27 Insider Briefing webinar with distinguished authors Natan Sharansky and Professor Gil Troy on their new book: “Never Alone: Prison, Politics, and My People.” Moderated by National Post columnist Barbara Kay, hear an insider’s account of the trials and tribulations of going from the Gulag to the Israeli Knesset.  

Barbara Kay in Post Millennial: “Antisemitism rears its ugly head at McGill University”

In The Post Millennial, Barbara Kay says that antisemitism is rearing its ugly head at McGill University due to the discriminatory anti-Zionist campus paper the McGill Daily. According to Kay: “At McGill, the principal vehicle for disseminating #Israel hatred is the McGill Daily, which is frequently guilty of the forms of anti-Semitism described above. The […]