CBC Covers Israeli Efforts to Prevent Palestinian Terror Attacks Using Social Media

Reporting from Jerusalem on March 7, CBC Mideast Bureau Chief Derek Stoffel did a tape talk on CBC News Now with Anchor Heather Hiscox about how Israeli intelligence officers are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to detect and prevent Palestinian terror attacks from occurring. To watch the report in full please click […]

Success! HRC Prompts CBC Correction of Headline that Concealed Palestinian Terror

In the backdrop of the current unrelenting wave of Palestinian terror attacks that saw the murder of an American tourist and injuries of dozens of Israelis, yesterday morning (March 9), CBC News published an article to its widely read website which featured a headline (“Police kill 2 Palestinians in Jerusalem gun attack”) which portrayed Palestinian […]

Toronto Star Amends Headline Mentioning that Palestinian Teen Attacked Israeli

On December 13, the Toronto Star published a news article to its widely read website with a headline that read: “Israeli police officer investigated for shooting Palestinian teen”. What this headline failed to mention was that this Palestinian teenage girl had just carried out a terror attack (she stabbed an elderly man with scissors) and was […]

CTV Headline Wrongly Portrays Palestinian Terror Attack as a Car Accident

A Palestinian terrorist intentionally rammed his car into five female Israeli police officers in Jerusalem, seriously injuring them and then exited his vehicle to attack onlookers with a meat cleaver, and this is the headline CTV produced for its March 6 story: For casual readers who just glance at headlines and who don’t read the adjoining […]

After Sanitizing Terror Against Israelis, CBC Coverage Slightly Improves

In a recent HRC communique on October 31, we notified you that CBC.ca had sanitized terror against an Israeli baby and an Equadorian woman, both of whom were murdered by a Hamas terrorist. On October 23, CBC.ca carried an article on its website with headlines which lead readers to wrongly conclude that the incident was […]