WATCH: Palestinian Rioters Destroy Historic Jewish Religious Site – Media Silent

For the third time in about 20 years, Joseph’s Tomb, an ancient Jewish religious site located in the biblical city of Shechem, or Nablus, has been desecrated by Palestinian extremists, who attempted to set the site ablaze. Joseph’s Tomb, said to be the burial place of the biblical Joseph, was attacked by Palestinian rioters in […]

After HRC Complaint, Toronto Star Publishes Article About Terror Attack in Israel

A picture is most certainly worth a thousand words. With this in mind, HonestReporting Canada was concerned that on Saturday February 9, the Toronto Star published an article on how “Israel arrest(ed) Palestinian suspect in teenager’s killing” which, although the article was focused on the Israeli victim of Palestinian terror,  featured a one-sided photo gallery showing […]

Earth to Toronto Star: Palestinian “Protests” Are Really Just Violent Terror Riots

Don’t trust everything you read in the newspaper. Despite what our media have been reporting, what’s been taking place for close to a year now along the fence that divides the Gaza-Israel border, are violent terror riots, not peaceful protests. Organized, incited and financed by Hamas, Palestinians armed with assault rifles, IED’s, grenades, arson balloons […]

CBC Reporter Draws Moral Equivalence Between Palestinian Terror Camps and Israeli Self Defence Camps

In an “analysis” report published on the CBC’s website today, Mideast correspondent Derek Stoffel implicitly drew a moral equivalence between Palestinian terror training camps that indoctrinate children to hate and murder Israelis, and Israeli boot camps which teach tourists and Israeli security guards how to defend themselves against terror attacks. Stoffel visited a counterterrorism boot […]