Globe Contributor Michael Bell Whitewashes Mass-Murdering Former Syrian President

A “flawed” regime? That’s how Globe and Mail contributor Michael Bell referred to the rein of Hafez al-Assad, former Syrian President and despot, mass murderer and father of Bashar “the butcher” Assad (also a serial killer who in recent years has killed over 200,000 Syrians). Bell, who teaches at Carleton University and advised Justin Trudeau […]

Ombud Rebukes CBC for Interview Accusing Israel of Using Chemical Weapons on Palestinian Children

In a landmark ruling, CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin upheld HonestReporting Canada and its members concerns finding that CBC’s April 26 airing of accusations claiming Israel used chemical weapons on Palestinian children, did not live up to the CBC’s journalistic standards.  The CBC Ombudsman’s June 4 review was launched to arbitrate HonestReporting Canada subscribers Richard Blaquiere, […]

CBC Defends Airing Unsubstantiated Allegation Claiming Israel used Chemical Weapons on Palestinian Children

We recently alerted you to how CBC Radio’s “Information Morning Fredericton” program elected to air an unsubstantiated allegation by anti-Israel activist Tracy Glynn claiming Israel intentionally used chemical weapons on Palestinian children in Gaza in the 2008-09 war with Hamas. As we pointed out in our alert: “… mentioning ‘chemical weapons’ that Gazan children ‘survived’ certainly conjures […]