Success! Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) Agrees To Alter Exhibit Showcasing Alleged Palestinian “Dispossession” in 1948 Following HRC Alert

HonestReporting Canada (HRC) is pleased to share that, subsequent to its recent alert on September 29 calling on the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) to take action regarding a misleading description accompanying artwork on display alleging a Palestinian “dispossession” in 1948, the Museum has promptly and professionally responded and committed to take three concrete steps to […]

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) Special Exhibit Showcases Alleged Palestinian “Dispossession” in 1948, Providing No Context: Will The Media Take Note?

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), located in downtown Toronto, is a world-renowned collection of millions of natural artifacts, artwork and cultural antiquities, and boasts among the highest attendance of any museum in North America. In addition to permanent offerings, the museum also displays a temporary gallery. Currently, it’s showcasing an exhibition entitled: “Being and Belonging: […]

Concordia Press Release Boasts University’s Welcoming Palestinian Artist For Fellowship; Ignores That Artist Has Been Accused of Glorifying Palestinian Terrorism

In 2014, a multimedia art exhibit was held at Ottawa’s city call, entitled Target. The exhibit, created by Rehab Nazzal, a Palestinian-Canadian photographer, became a source of controversy after the exhibit was accused of glorifying Palestinian terrorism. Target featured photographic portraits of what it described as “assassinated Palestinian figures… lost artists, writers and leaders,” but […]

After HRC Complaint, CBC Acknowledges Gaza “Art” Exhibit Criticized as Fraudulent

On April 24, HonestReporting Canada brought our concerns to the attention of several CBC editors regarding a CBC Fredericton report by journalist Melissa Oakley on the “Child’s View from Gaza “ exhibit being curated at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. Oakley’s two-minute report which aired on April 23 was described by the CBC as follows (emphasis […]