Israel Under Attack: Globe Analysis Misses the Forest For The Trees

On May 10, the Globe and Mail published an analysis piece by former Mideast reporter Mark Mackinnon to its website about recent hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians. The report was also featured on the front page in the Globe’s print edition on May 11. As violence erupts in Jerusalem and Gaza, can Benjamin Netanyahu […]

Now Magazine's 1-Sided Anti-Israel Review

In a March 15 review on the documentary film “The Settlers” by Shimon Dotan, Now Magazine writer Norman Wilner writes that Israeli settlements have “derailed” the peace process and that the settlements are built on inherently “Arab” land. No mention that Palestinian intransigence, unilateralism, incitement, and violence have produced a process, but no peace and has protracted […]

HRC in Embassy Magazine: Settlements Aren't the Obstacle—Hatred of Israel Is

Today, in Canada’s foreign policy publication Embassy Magazine, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman points out that the settlements aren’t the obstacle to Mideast peace, endemic Palestinian hatred of Israel is. Read our full letter that was published in Embassy Magazine here: Our letter was in response to this Embassy Magazine article on February 3:

Star and Globe Flub Names of Israeli Politicians

In a Globe and Mail editorial on October 16, the Globe somehow managed to refer to Israel’s current prime minister as being Ariel Sharon, the former and now deceased prime minister of Israel. In fact, Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel’s Prime Minister. Writing in the Toronto Star on October 17, columnist Tony Burman referred to Benjamin […]

CBC Defends Neil Macdonald’s Exploiting CBC News Platforms to Attack Israel

We recently alerted you to how CBC reporter Neil Macdonald included an irrelevant smear against Israel and Canadian support for the Jewish state in a recent report published on the CBC’s website. Macdonald’s June 6 analysis piece correlated a story about alleged political bias at the IRS and sexual abuse in the U.S. military to […]