Guardian Publishes Letter Falsely Accusing Israel of Destroying COVID-19 Palestinian Centre

On August 11, The P.E.I. Guardian published the following letter by Marian White of the so-called “Island Peace Committee” who falsely accused Israel of demolishing a Palestinian drive-through coronavirus testing centre in Hebron: Importantly, there’s no foundation to this incendiary claim by Ms. White alleging that the Israel Defense Forces destroyed a Palestinian Covid-19 centre. […]

Toronto Star Columnist Linda McQuaig Calls for Canada to Sanction Israel

Today in the Toronto Star, columnist Linda McQuaig advocated that Prime Minister Trudeau should lift punishing sanctions that harm the vulnerable during this pandemic, but then audaciously called for Israel to be sanctioned and criticized by Canada. McQuaig wrote the following: Ottawa’s willingness to fall in line behind Washington is reflected in the fact it […]

Concordian Article Replete with Anti-Israel Bias

On March 11, the Concordian Newspaper featured an article by Aysha White on how a panel discussion organized by Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) was interrupted by pro-Israel protesters. The article which was about an event for “Israel Apartheid Week” (IAW), was marred on many accounts. Firstly, the article described IAW as “a week aimed […]

SUCCESS: HRC Prompts Washington Post & Toronto Star to Correct False Report

Today, the Toronto Star and the Washington Post – two of North America’s biggest news organizations – issued the following correction and story rewrite after HonestReporting Canada informed these newspapers that a report alleging that Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel had called for the forcible removal of thousands of Palestinians from Area C of the west bank, was […]

HRC in Prince George Citizen: “Don’t Weep for Palestine”

In the Prince George Citizen today, HRC Research Analyst Jake Beaumont asserts that when it comes to Israel, and discussing the Israel-Palestine conflict, anti-Israel activists tend to champion the Palestinian cause without understanding the salient and pertinent facts behind the very situation they are meandering about. Read our letter in full as appended below: