WATCH: After Years Of Hostility, Turkey Moves Closer To Israel

For many years, Turkey and Israel enjoyed close relations. But with the 2008 Gaza war, and the Gaza flotilla, Ankara’s leaders adopted a hardline anti-Israel position. But a decade later, in the face of Israel’s growing influence across the Middle East and beyond, Turkey has begun moving towards renewed closeness with Israel. No matter how […]

HRC Op-Ed in Ottawa Citizen: Israel Wants Peace, But Needs A Partner With The Same Goal

HRC’s op-ed was published in The Ottawa Citizen on Thursday, April 28, 2022 Source: Israel Wants Peace, But Needs A Partner With The Same Goal In her recent Ottawa Citizen column, Aisha Sherazi conflates racism faced by young Blacks in the U.S. and Canada with current escalated tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. Citing the example […]

WATCH: Israel’s Foreign Minister Visits Jerusalem – Palestinians Resort to Rejectionism

Yair Lapid, Israel’s Foreign Minister, recently visited Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, in the municipality’s Old City, for a security tour with local police officials. Although all of Jerusalem remains in sovereign Israeli control, as soon as Lapid’s visit became public, the Palestinian leadership immediately condemned the move. This knee-jerk condemnation, by both Hamas and the Palestinian […]

Watch: “Globalize The Intifada” Means “Kill The Jews”

During the 2021 Hamas war against Israel, anti-Israel protesters called for an Intifada against Israel, and some even called to “Globalize the Intifada.” The Intifada, an Arabic word for uprising, was a violent multi-year terror campaign against the Jewish State which claimed a thousand innocent Israeli lives. Now, as more Islamist terror attacks happen in […]