Toronto Star Article On Hateful “Nakba Day” Rewrites History, Whitewashing Historical Record Of Arab Regimes Who Sought To Destroy Israel

An April 16 news article in The Toronto Star reporting on a controversial school board commemoration blatantly misrepresented the modern history of Israel. In the article entitled: “Peel school board urged to remove Nakba Day from calendar of significant dates,” Education Reporter Isabel Teotonio covered growing backlash against the Peel District School Board, which in […]

CBC News Podcast Uses World Cup Games To Portray Israel As A Pariah

The FIFA World Cup games in Qatar, which began on November 20, has wrapped up after nearly a month. The soccer competition garnered media attention for a number of reasons, ranging from the deaths of thousands of migrant workers who toiled to help construct Qatar’s World Cup stadiums under deplorable conditions, the country’s support for […]

Economics Are Uniting Israel & The Arab World Together: HRC Asserts In Times Of Israel

In our latest commentary published in the Times of Israel, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman asserted that: “Recent years have shown that the desire for peace with Israel in the Arab world remains high, and there is no question that Israel’s economic growth will be a continued driver in forging comprehensive Middle East peace.” Read […]

Canadian Arabic Magazine Praises Palestinian Violence Against Israel, HRC Contends

Sakher Sabeel is a monthly Arabic-language Canadian magazine covering local events in the Arab community, mainly in the GTA. An August 7 post to the Sakher Sabeel Facebook page praised Palestinian armed violence against Israel; specifically, Islamic Jihad’s recent massive rocket attacks on Israeli communities and Palestinian terrorist attacks carried out from the “West Bank” […]

WATCH: Iraq Passes New Law Criminalizing Ties with Israel

The Iraqi parliament recently passed a law restricting its citizens from creating ties with Israelis, under the threat of the death penalty. Despite a growing trend in the Arab world of states creating closer ties with Israel, Iraq has chosen a path not of progress, but of regression. Watch our latest video and please share it […]