In Globe and Mail, HRC Says Anti-Zionism = Antisemitism

On June 15, the Globe and Mail published a letter to the editor from Lauren Weinberg, a representative of the anti-Israel group “Independent Jewish Voices,” a radical organization viewed as a pariah by the entire mainstream Jewish community for its repeated support for antisemites, terrorists and for its tokenization of Jewish identity to silence the views of the community as a whole. […]

HRC / AVI Campus Media Fellow Published In The Jerusalem Post: York University’s ‘Toolkit On Teaching Palestine’ Endangers Campus’s Jewish Community

On April 11, 2024, one of our Campus Media Fellows, Madison Rosenberg, was published in The Jerusalem Post about how the Palestinian Solidarity Working Group’s release of its ‘Toolkit on Teaching Palestine’ at York University is dangerous and potentially puts Jewish students safety at risk, during a time which antisemitic incidents and hate towards the Jewish community is […]

Caribbean Camera, Publisher Of Hateful Antisemitic Propaganda & Defender Of Hamas Terrorism, Received $14,000 In Federal Grants

The Caribbean Camera is a Toronto-based Caribbean newspaper which calls itself a “trusted source of news, information, and community engagement for the Black and Caribbean communities in Toronto,” but in reality, it has developed a reputation as a fanatically anti-Israel paper that publishes hateful antisemitic propaganda, received more than $14,000 in financial assistance in federal […]